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About Julia

Abot Julia

Julia was a beautiful, funny, quick-witted girl who felt passionate about service and equality for all. She stood up for those who needed it. She died tragically in a plane crash on October 8, 2021 at the age of thirteen and a half.  


Julia was passionate, opinionated, and was known for her sarcastic humor and wicked side-eye.  She was also quick to jump in to defend and protect those who needed it. She was kind and compassionate, committed to her beliefs, and very persistent.  


Julia pursued a wide range of hobbies, including studying both French and Spanish, playing tennis and basketball, surfing, and rooting for her beloved Atlanta Falcons.  She was an accomplished baker with dreams of auditioning for the TV show Kids Baking Championship.  As an 8th grader at Griffin Middle School, she pursued her passion for music, playing the French horn in the band and singing in the chorus.  Additionally, she sang in the choir at church and studied piano for many years.  

Julia loved to travel and discover new places, and also enjoyed visiting friends and family around the country. One of her favorite destinations was Walt Disney World, which she loved since her first trip at the age of three.  Julia's love of travel exposed her to different people and cultures which nurtured her compassion for others. 

Be bold, be brave, be kind!

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Julia Helen Smith foundation was created to honor the memory of Julia and to support some of the passions and causes that Julia cared about most.  Julia was passionate about tennis, surfing, basketball, music, service, social issues, and education.  The foundation will grant three primary types of awards.

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The Awards

1. To honor Julia’s passion for service, students from King Springs Elementary School and Griffin Middle School will be eligible for Persistency Awards, Character Awards, and Music Awards.  Recipients of these awards will be determined each spring by the Board of Directors in conjunction with feedback from teachers.

2. To honor Julia’s passion for sports, students enrolled in tennis, basketball, and surf programs may be nominated throughout the year by their coaches for sports awards to support their continued involvement in these activities.  Recipients of awards will be determined by the Board of Directors in conjunction with feedback from coaches.

3. To honor Julia’s passion for scholarship, each spring, the Julia Helen Smith Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school senior who intends to pursue a four-year undergraduate college degree.  Student applicants must have attended King Springs Elementary and/or Griffin Middle School in Smyrna, Georgia for at least two full academic years.  The ideal candidate will be a student who has an outstanding academic record.  Preference may be given to students with a demonstrated interest in instrumental or choral music through participation in school or community music programs.  Additionally, preference may be given to students with a demonstrated interest in tennis and/or basketball.  A selection committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors will meet each spring to review student applications and select an award recipient based on the criteria described above.

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